As far as I can remember, I been crossing the border by vehicle, my parents went back and forth often into both countries due to my father’s job.

Back in 1999 what started as a favor helping one friend bring all his belongings legally into Mexico, got repeated with another friend and another and another. Soon I turned into an International moving business that not only expedited entire households into Mexico but also was able to return them quickly back into the United States.

Robert Hudson

Most international moving companies give an impersonal service, may or may not have all international information at hand, or the ability to answer your questions on the spot. Most will tell you, that you must use the Laredo, Texas border for crossing using their parent Mexican mover, taking them 3-8 weeks or longer to deliver.

Most movers will also charge you more for large, odd shape items, or by weight.

Others are concern on how many cubic feet of goods you have, since they are limited in space by using from 20' to 26' moving trucks. They are not able to handle entire households or complete Menajes. Over the Internet, were you able to find positive moving testimonials that checked out about their company?

Consider the following, you may need to sacrifice your belongings by having to get rid off some, due to the limited moving truck space. Paying full price for only half the load capacity. When you are quoted they will charge you another 16% or more for importation fees on any new item that you have. In most cases, the mover will not be there in person, to assist and help you. They can not guaranteed delivery on a specific date, at best it is only tentative, since their delivery date is not binding. Outside the quote, you may also have other hidden charges or extra fees.

If for some reason the mover has a problem at the border, if he is there present and not just the driver. The moving quote will no longer be honored, your things will be held by Mexican Customs and they will be renegotiating for more money in order to recover a partial or the complete load of your belongings. Knowledge and doing things right, saves you money.

How does movingtomexicoguy do Menajes? We only use the Nogales AZ, border, it's by far the best one for Menajes de Casa in terms of ease and time required.
I do not sit behind a desk, sending others to do your move, then passing on the job from one person to another. I travel to where ever your belongings are, I am present and physically available in both Countries with your things. I can be reached by cell phone 24hrs. During the entire moving process. You deal with the same person that knows whats is going on from start to end. I spend so much time at the border, that I keep current with all crossing matters, this way we avoid problems, that could increment delays and cost.

I am there for the unloading from the US. Rental truck or trucks and load the Mexican Semi, deal with the Customs broker and Mexican Customs at the border crossing with your Menaje. I am in contact with the driver. When the trailer arrives, I organize and unload at your new home in Mexico. Please search for movingtomexicoguy over the internet.

We do not penalize you and charge you more for big, odd shaped items or load weight. With a 48ft. trailer, we can transport up to 10 tons. of weight. It does not matter how much or little you have, the Semi will be the same, reasonable price, and you will have lots of available room. There is no doubt on the delivery date, you will know ahead of time, and before the move even takes place.

I charge per job one price, no hidden fees on small print, or other charges.

The delivery date and quote is firm, as long as your list matches the trailer contents, your items are over 6 months old, you are not transporting contraband, illegal

items, firearms, drugs, or things that do not belong in a Menaje de Casa.

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