Residente Temporal

Is a Visa required for a Menaje, allows you to be in Mexico for years with options for entering the U.S. whenever you want. Gives you the right to buy property, have a US. or Mexican plated vehicle and Mexican health insurance I.M.S.S. It can be acquired at a Mexican Consulate or at a Oficina de Inmigracion.

Menaje de Casa

Is a detailed list of your used household goods and personal belongings that has been approved by the Mexican Government as a temporary importation, issued at a Mexican Consulate.


Current passport and drivers license.

Moving process

I supply all the required moving information, advice you with the best way of doing things depending on your needs and answer your questions prior to the moving date. Once the move has been organized you, I or someone else can drive your goods South on a moving rental truck or by a local moving company to the Nogales Az. Border. There I process your documents, unload/load into a 48ft. Mexican Semi trailer, cross and deal with Mexican Customs (in 2 hrs. or less). When the trailer reaches its final destination, I coordinate the delivery to your new home. The whole process is done in a matter of days. Going back to the United States is done in a similar manner.