We can travel from Mazatlán to anywhere in the United States to personally pick up the moving truck rental with your packed goods and drive it to the U.S. border where we will transfer your household goods to a Mexican Semi-trailer through a Customs Broker for the trip South to any location in Mexico from Nogales, AZ. Moving you back to the United States is a similar process.

It is not necessary to go through Texas; the Nogales border crossing will take only a few hours.

We use a 48’ trailer (fitting nearly two 26' regular moving trucks) with sufficient room for almost any household and is contracted and paid for by the trip, not by weight or size and with no overhead charge or sales charge by a parent company. We will give you all the International information and tips necessary for moving from the U.S.A.-Mexico-U.S.A., a firm quote and delivery date.

We can help with the Spanish translation for the required Menaje de Casa which is a detailed list of all household items and is required in order to bring the trailer across the border. The Semi-trailer will normally take one day from the border to most Mexican destinations as far South as Mazatlan, under 800 miles from the border, with an extra day required for Guadalajara or Mexico City. Upon arrival at your new home, we will unload the Semi and place your belongings carefully where you want them. Personally supervising the move from the time that you first contact me, to the final delivery.

Having provided this service to many Americans for many years, we can offer excellent references from families we have actually relocated to Mexico. Feel free to search for movingtomexicoguy over the Internet for personal references. We are also recommended in Mazatlan Is Paradise, the definitive Mazatlan guidebook by Charles Hall.

Please take the time to compare the services we offer with the services and prices available from the large moving companies and the prices we offer for the services we provide. We regularly save families thousands of dollars on their move. Quick stress free International moving, we do it right and we do it on time.

We do express pickup and delivery for the United States or Mexico, International moves in matter of days.

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