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My husband and I moved from Nevada to SMA approximately a month ago. We worked with 3 different movers located here in SMA and not one of them worked out. We ended up going with Robert Hudson “Moving To Mexico Guy” who I think ended up being the best choice we could have made. He was very honest and got everything to us in 8 days from the day he left Nevada. Below is his link - give him a call. Also, I checked with several of the references listed on the website, and not one person had a bad thing to say about him - they all said that he was the only person they would ever use again for a move within Mexico (and I agree).


Also, people who have used other movers all complain about how long it took or how long it’s taking to get their stuff - seems like it gets tied up at customs in Texas (wasn’t a problem using Robert Hudson).


Karen Valdez
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Karen Valdez

.Jun 28 2014 at 5:21 PM

I cannot recommend Robert Hudson's moving service highly enough. He is a consummate professional, a perfectionist who is honest and reliable to the max. When Robert gives you a date for pick-up or delivery, you can set your clock by it. Also, he can be totally trusted with your most prized possessions and expensive furnishings.

I've known Robert since mid-1997 when I hired him to meet me in Phoenix and drive me to Mazatlan, where I had accepted a job as Sales Manager for Century 21 El Cid. During the next three years, Robert was my go-to source for everything Mexican. He was of immeasurable help and never once failed to provide unparalleled service while juggling service to all of my clients. They were overjoyed to have found someone who could not only move them, but could help to get them settled, whether it was assisting with utility hookups, paying bills or advising them in their new city.

I recently referred Robert to three people who, unfortunately, didn't use Robert's services. They moved three months ago, have already paid over three times the amount bid by Robert and their furniture has still not arrived! One of them only had a phone installed last week.

Don't think you can reinvent the wheel when moving to or from Mexico. Robert knows all of the ins and outs, regulations and laws, and his English and Spanish are perfect. Robert prides himself on being the best. His professionalism and honest, no-nonsense approach have earned him this glowing recommendation. Feel free to call or e-mail me should you have any questions. In the meantime, I can enthusiastically recommend Robert Hudson to be your "Moving to Mexico Guy!"

Most sincerely,

Melodee Cole,69
Palm Springs, CA
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Home phone: (760) 832-9601

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Melodee Cole

Re: Letter of Recommendation / Testimonial – Robert Hudson Moving to México Guy.

It has been my pleasure to have known Robert and his family since 2011.

February, 2011, Robert successfully completed a Menaje de Casa for me – moving my household goods from Nogales to Mazatlan without a hitch. Exceptionally well planned, exactly on time and as planned with no surprises. By the way, it snowed in Nogales the day we arrived – welcome to sunny Mexico < grin>..

Robert absolutely knows all the “ins and outs” and protocols for moving goods through to Mexico and cheerfully took the time to coach me in setting up the Menaje prior to the move.

In June, 2011, Robert again helped me move an additional small batch of furniture to Mazatlan – meeting me at the airport in Phoenix with a van, picking up the furniture in Phoenix , than moving it on to Mazatlan . Again, exactly as planned, exactly on time with no hitches.

It was my pleasure then to ride in the van on to Mazatlan with Robert and his mother, who is a delightful lady.

Last year, Robert took the time to “legalize” my little Ford Ranger pickup without me even having to be in Mexico . Again, exactly as planned – with no hitches or surprises.

You’re starting to get the picture – this guy knows what he’s doing!

Additionally, during my stays in Mazatlan , Robert has kindly helped in innumerable ways with suggestions from repair people for the pickup to trades people for the house, etc. graciously taking time to drive me all over town to find solutions. If Robert recommends someone, they’re the best.

In short, Robert is the “go to guy” for just about any solution in Mexico and Mazatlan .

I can’t express strongly enough my appreciation for Robert and his family’s kind and cordial friendship and help over the last several years.

Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at SidM@CNW.Com

Jan 10, 2013.

Just wanted to let you know that we picked our things up in Nogales today and want to thank you for being so conscientious with our belongings.  Be happy to use us as a recommendation for future business.  Thanks again Robert.  Happy New Year!
Jan z. <>

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From: Susan <>
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Subject: Re: Testimonial

I would like to take a minute to write a referral for Robert Hudson Robert did a fantastic job for me, moving back to the states. He kept me informed during the whole process and I felt that he was very responsible and very trustworthy.
Thank you Robert!

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From: Joan Ellison <>
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Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2013 11:50 PM

Subject: Re: [MazInfo] 2 questions Cleaning woman and mover.

What a perfect opportunity to give you Robert Hudsons website: Robert moved all of our furniture from Nogales to Mazatlan, he was extremely professional, on time and there was not one thing we ever had to worry about, he even made sure we had people to unload our furniture in to the house. Nothing was lost or broken..I would recommend him for any moving. He also takes cars to Nogales and will help with Nationalizing your car if you do not want to do the trip yourself. I ran into Robert the other day, he gave me some very good advice about my car which I have done and it turned out to be the best decision. his Mexican number is: 669 -127-9074.

From: Joan Ellison <>
To: robert hudson <>
Sent: Monday, April 29, 2013 5:09 PM
Subject: Re: [MazInfo] 2 questions Cleaning woman and mover.
Robert, it is always a pleasure to write about someone who does a exceptional job. See you in October.

Joan Ellison

From: Larry <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 7:28 PM
Subject: Hey Robert

This is Eloise and Larry Kontz... How are you doing? Our house did close, back in April, and we went North... stopped at our storage place... all looked great... and are now in Colorado, and maybe have bought a house! Want to thank you again, for getting all our "stuff", up to Tucson, in such good shape! Hope all is going good for you... sus amigos, Larry and Eloise Kontz.

My wife and I are currently in the process of moving our household, back north to Arizona, and used Robert Hudson to move our limited furniture and a lot of boxes up to storage in Tucson. He did a very professional job at an excellent price... was courteous punctual and did all he said he would, as well as being just a very friendly guy! I have no financial relationship with Robert, but just felt that some of you might be able to use his great service. He can move you either way, either into Mexico or out of Mexico, and can handle your paperwork for bringing the goods into Mexico, and give you lots of advice on making the move... To contact him, his cell phone is 669-127-9074. Saludos, Larry


I highly recommend Robert Hudson. I did the exact same thing from southern California to Tucson, then Robert met me in Nogales and off-loaded my U-Haul into a semi, helped me get my documentation in Nogales, and he flew home to Mazatlan, the truck, which I shared with a couple from Atlanta, headed south, and I drove down alone. Robert and crew unloaded right after I hit town. Nothing broken; wonderfully helpful; and smoothed my transition to El Centro.

You need to contact Robert Hudson (http://movingtomexi .) He was recommended to me by someone in this forum and I couldn't have been happier with his service. He lives in Mazatlan and is equally at home in both cultures as his mother is Mexican. Email him and he'll get back to you promptly.

Good luck; it's worth all the challenges and headaches you'll encounter before you're finally settled in, though I am learning the challenges are a part of life for a gringo south of the border!



Have you tried reaching Robert Hudson? He moved us and others from the U.S. to Mazatlan and we found him exceptional and very reasonable. I believe you can reach him on movingtomexicoguy. com. If you can't reach him right away, give it another try, as he is often on the road or actually moving other people, he cannot always be reached right away, but is definitely worth a little wait. I believe he wants to be called in the evenings as he is so busy moving stuff and handling papers during the day.

Good luck in your move. - Gudrun C.

Gudrun C.

On Tue, 8/26/08, Gary Van Landingham<> wrote:

From: Gary Van Landingham <>
Subject: Re: Testimonial
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2008, 12:12 PM
If you are planning a move to Mexico from anywhere in the U.S. I highly recommend that you contact Robert Hudson.

Robert moved us from Santa Barbara, CA to Mazatlan in July and we were very happy with his services.

He arranged to have our household goods moved to Nogales and in Nogales he handled all of the paperwork required from Mexican Customs,(Menaje de Casa, FM3 etc.) to move our stuff from Nogales to Mazatlan. He made what would have been a nightmare of paperwork for us a trouble-free experience.

Robert is very meticulous, conscientious and careful.

Also Robert's fees are very, very reasonable when compared with others, you should definitely check with Robert before contracting with someone else, We have spoken with several other people who have moved to Mazatlan in the past year and they all paid quite a bit more than we did to move here.

You can reach Robert or at 6691 27 9074, his cell in Mazatlan.

Gary and Nancy Van Landingham
Mazatlan: 6691 71 059

Gary and Nancy Van Landingham

Santa Barbara, CA

(Moderator's note: though this post refers to Mexico City rather than Mazatlan, I am approving it because it's in support of Robert Hudson, who has helped many in our community to move their household belongings to Mazatlan, and the information may be of help to others coming to Mazatlan in the future. Lee, Moderator)

I engaged Robert Hudson from Mazatlan to take care of my move to Mexico before the first snowfall in Chicago, and he provided the best service that I could ever imagine. He flew to Chicago, packed my household effects (all of them!), loaded the truck, and drove the truck 3 days later to meet us in Tucson from where he drove me, my mother and my dog to Nogales where he did all my paper work at the Mexican Consulate making sure that I had have all the needed documents, and then he drove the U-haul to the border and dealt with customs until the items were released, and brought to the final destination, Mexico City where I now reside. All the items arrived in perfect condition and nothing missing; I highly recommend Robert's services for a smooth move out of the US.



Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 15:52:37 -0000

Hey group
Lots of interest right now in figuring out the details of how to actually move here. We had the same kind of questions ourselves and groped around blindly until one of our friends recommended Robert Hudson.

Robert lives in MZT where we first met with him and arranged for him to fly NOB, load a rental truck, do the required menaje de casa (in Spanish), reload the household goods onto a MX plated semi in Nogales and get the car properly approved for MX entry. Then he drove directly to MZT in our car. Once here, he unloaded the semi the same evening of arrival leaving everything in good condition.

He does this for a daily fee plus expenses, not based on weight or distance or any such nonsense. We did not need to drive an extra 2000 miles to get to Texas and return and we probably spent 1/4 of the cost of a "major" moving company. True, there was no direct insurance for the furniture, but our homeowner's policy would have covered most things had anything serious happened. And we could have purchased additional temporary trip insurance in we had felt the need.

We found him and his services reliable, honest and reasonable. He is also perfectly bilingual and exceptionally skilled at negotiating a border crossing.

We recommend him highly - MZT cel is 669.127.9074

Mon Jul 30, 2007 9:32a.m.
"Tina Paulson"

I might add here that Reuben is very knowledgeable and helpful.  However, he couldn’t get our furniture to us as we arrived.  We’d have to camp out in our empty home until the furniture showed up…which could take up to 5 weeks!  No thanks.  I think Robert is the only person I’ve found that has the furniture at your door when you are.

From funnypumpkin on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 @ 12:32:40 PM   I

I would like to add my name to the list of satisfied customers of Robert Hudson. He managed a trouble free move for my family and our possessions and I would not hesitate to recommend his services for moving to México from Canada or the U.S.

From: Claire <
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 17:00:19 -0000
Subject: [MazInfo] We made it!

Hello Mazatlecos,

We finally arrived. We left Phoenix on June 25, got our FM3s in Nogales in 2.5 hours (thanks to Robert Hudson) and arrived on June 28, at the same time as our household goods.

Nothing was broken or missing.

We highly recommend Robert Hudson for moving from the States. He is very professional and friendly and will go the extra mile to have everything go smoothly.

We were charged by the load, not the weight, and brought down a lot more than we originally planned.
We have internet since yesterday and hopefully Vonage in the next month or so. LOL.

See you guys this afternoon at Canucks.


From Ellie on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 @ 8:11:22 AM   IP= ?

Robert helped me move to MZT from Nevada last year. I found him as a referral from another ex-pat friend.

After a phone call to him and what had been a futile search for a mover that made sense, all my questions were answered and he gave me a clear plan to follow based on my needs and the requirements of Mexican Immigration. I subsequently flew him to Nevada where he loaded a 24' rental truck and drove it in caravan with me to Nogales. He did the required Menaje de Casa completely - translated into Spanish.

There I broke my hip, falling in the motel. Robert got me to a hospital, returned the rental truck, secured my car, took my cat with him, put my household good on a Mexican semi that he located in Nogales and flew back to MZT with the cat.

The following week when I was able to travel, he flew back to the hospital (in Tucson) and drove me 1000 miles to MZT, handling the paperwork for my car at the border.

All of this he did for a very reasonable per diem rate plus expenses - we feel he saved us over $10000 vs. the big moving companies who, incidentally, are completely clueless about how to move to Mexico from the states. And the help in AZ was priceless.

He is trustworthy, fair, flexible and if he's available at the right time, the only choice. He also runs an MZT based tour service and knows Mexico well.

I highly recommend Robert for any of your personal moving needs.

From Barry  on Monday, July 09, 2007 @ 6:59:17 PM   IP= ?

We would like to recommend Robert Hudson (tel: 044-669-127-9074) when moving household goods to or from Mexico.

Robert will meet you at your point of origin or in Nogales, AZ. He will translates your household inventory into the proper format for the Menaje de casa and accompany to the consulate to apply for and obtain your FM3 and the official Menaje de casa. He will arrange for a truck to take your goods to your destination and clear it through customs. Robert is quick and efficient and goes out of his way to accommodate your needs.
When we moved I became very ill in Nogales. Robert helped my wife get everything done so we could cross the border as soon as the truck arrived. He also drove our car and us to Mazatlan as I was too ill to drive.

Using his services saved us thousands of dollars and hours of delay.


Fri, 6 Jul 2007 05:29:54 -0700 (PDT)

I too cannot say enough good things about Robert's assistance with our move down here last December. 

After multiple Email exchanges with him months before packing up by which he freely advised us, we simply flew him in to Tucson the day before the border crossing.

The experience with the household goods transfer at Nogales and customs bureaucracy was "seamless" and could have been near overwhelming without his aid & expertise.

From: "victonymaz"
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 17:15:44 -0000
Subject: MazInfo Re: Moving to mexico
To those interested in moving to Mexico;

My name is Tony and and I own and operate The Loro de Oro Inn and Te Amo Lucy's Taqueria in El Centro.

I moved to Mazatlan from San Francisco California 5 years ago this May. Before moving I received several estimates from major moving companies to haul my material life to Mazatlan. Based on what I had to move I was looking at spending around $25,000.00. I did an on line search for alternative movers and found Robert Hudson. I had some paperwork to complete in Mazatlan so when I flew down I had the opportunity to meet with Robert. After speaking with him it appeared that the same job could be accomplished for about $25% the cost of my other estimates and with a considerable reduction in aggravation regarding the unknown.

The process was very simple. I paid for a plane ticket and flew Robert to San Francisco.

Upon his arrival I rented a 26' moving truck. Robert and I took 2 days to pack the truck. I don't believe there was more than 2 cubic inches left open. We left San Francisco Robert driving the truck and me driving my Suburban. We drove all the way to Tucson Az the first day.

Robert knew of a nice motel near the freeway where we stopped for the night. Being the thrifty fellow he is he got us a rate of $30.00 per room. We left the next morning and within 2 hours we arrived at the border. Robert took me to a customs broker where all the necessary paperwork was done and all my goods were transferred to a Mexican tractor trailer. He then accompanied me to the local U-Haul dealer in Nogales where we returned the moving truck. We crossed into Mexico and arrived at customs where I waited for Robert to "negotiate" permission for my goods to enter Mexico. We agreed on a meeting place in Mazatlan with the truck driver. Robert and I then took a leisurely drive to Ciudad Obregon where we stopped for the night.

The next morning we arrived in Mazatlan and met our truck driver at the agreed upon location. Since we already knew that the trailer was to long to navigate the streets of El Centro Robert made arrangements with a trucker that had a smaller vehicle and a moving crew. He met us near the cruise ship docks where we started to off load the tractor trailer.

After six or so trips to my new home all of my furniture and boxes were exactly where I wanted them. I might also add that after unpacking all the boxes of dishes and other fragile items I found that nothing had been broken. Robert and I have been friends for all these years and I have refereed at least a dozen other families that Robert has assisted in relocating to Mazatlan. Robert made what could have been a nightmare into a fun adventure and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 21:46:43 +0000 (GMT)


Robert hasa long standing and well known reputation for excellent service and honesty here in Mzt . . You certainly are not off base in asking for references ... but just so that you know, I was singing the the song “Blow’in in the Wind” after I read your post.

I am one of many people who will recommend Robert without hesitation.


Tue, 3 Jul 2007 11:40:16 -0700
From: "MazRentals" <> 
To: "robert hudson" <>

Very good and thanks for doing that. Everyone knows your name locally. (You helped clients of ours about 3 years ago).   

There are quite a few unscrupulous advantage-takers discovering the "move to Mazatlan" boom, and some discover Mazinfo and go for the unsuspecting folk!  :-) 

Thanks again.


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